Are Ghost’s Real 2

Last Post about Ghost’s

In my last post about Are Ghost’s Real, I talked about Scientific Studies and my Personal Experience, but, how do we explain videos and photos that catch ghosts?

Digital Age of Photography/Videography

We have come a long way in the era of Photos and Videos. The options to have photos and videos “stabilized” is a new thing because we tend to shake and move the camera a bit too fast and it is hard to catch something good.

iPhones and Android Phones are becoming a good thing for photos and videos since they have programs that can help them stabilize the photo or video. For instance: If I wanted to take a picture of me driving on the California Coast on Historic Highway 1, I can point my iPhone out the window or in front of me and have a crystal clear photo/video.

Same thing for those who Ghost Hunt, you have to make sure you use the right tools for the right time of day or night. Phone Cameras are the WORSE at night time photos since there are no IR filters to use.

Final Thought

Sometimes we tend to freak ourselves out thinking that a certain noise is paranormal. I believe that there are things out there that we cannot explain and possibly never will. The Paranormal is a harder subject to understand and figure out.


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